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Vicarious Trauma Training for Capsticks LLP

We recently delivered vicarious trauma and mental health awareness training to leading law firm Capsticks LLP across their offices in Leeds, Winchester, Birmingham, and London.

Capsticks are best known as go-to advisers for organisations which themselves make a difference, particularly in the healthcare, professional regulation, housing, emergency services, local authority and insurance sectors. 

Their legal teams regularly advise on the resolution of difficult and traumatic situations. The objective of our training was to support those teams, in particular around the risk of vicarious trauma.  Right from the start Capsticks was clear it didn't want an off-the-shelf training product; it was willing to invest the time and resources into us developing bespoke training for staff.  Capsticks’ three core values are people first, doing the right thing and forward thinking, which were at the heart of this project.


Extensive and thorough consultation took place ahead of delivery so we could fully understand and process the existing interactions, review what was already in place and devise content directly relevant to their specific working environment.  


Capsticks was committed to ensuring their teams were as supported, as healthy and as resilient as possible. Crucially, every session was delivered face-to-face over a full day which opened up important space for social interaction, result being that a great many examples of good practice were shared and explored.  Also important, the sessions were attended by all grades, resulting in the training being inclusive and relevant to all viewpoints across the team.


We were super impressed by the openness with which Capsticks embraced the time and resources needed. This kind of training can bring up some challenging topics about the impact a workplace can have on our wellbeing. They weren’t afraid to welcome those conversations and demonstrate their commitment to genuine progress to support their teams. The delivery period is over, the firm will now examine feedback and work this into their wider strategy.


We thank Capsticks for the spectacular tea and biscuits they provided at all their offices. This was our most sustained run of in-person training sessions since before the pandemic, it was great to be in rooms filled with people.

A massive thank you to both of you for designing and delivering a bespoke programme that addressed all our needs. You created an engaging, supportive, and welcoming learning space where every contribution was heard, valued, and respected. You have been brilliant to work with, we look forward to working with you to further develop our approach to recognising and responding to vicarious trauma”.

Alisha Morris, HR Business Partner, Capsticks



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