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Dawn Velody Associates

CPD certified

Training & consultancy in domestic abuse awareness and workplace dynamics.

I'm Dawn.

I'm an expert trainer and speaker in a range of issues:


  • Domestic abuse awareness training for employers to support their workforce, for frontline professionals, educators looking at root causes, impact and supportive strategies

  • Exploring power relationships and workplace dynamics

  • Creating a reflective space where people at all levels can come together

  • Looking at causes and interpersonal effects of demanding workloads or elevated stress levels

  • Conflict transformation

  • Internal communication


Working with a talented and diverse team of associates, I deliver courses ranging from talks and seminars to lunch-and-learns to full-day courses, in an open, non-judgmental and welcoming environment.

Dawn Velody
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Why work with us?

Tailored to you.

Every organisation is unique, with specific challenges and goals. I take the time to understand your team's needs and create customised training programs that address those needs directly, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Engaging and interactive.

I believe in creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment that keeps participants engaged. My training style encourages active participation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Fully supported.

I don't just stop at the talk or training session. I provide ongoing support and follow-up to make sure the knowledge is fully integrated into what you do, and can work with you to develop your organisational policies too.

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"This was very useful, there were things I would not have thought about looking for which will make me so much more vigilant when visiting individuals and families. I would highly recommend this training. Thank you"

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Family Support Worker

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